Zlatibor multifunctional complex, 2011

The main concept of the center came from author’s desire to design an urban, architectural and functional solution which creates an active relation to the surroundings, by complementing and accentuating values of the built and natural context. This is achieved by the careful study of form, distribution of contents, communication flows and space units. In a wish to develop an appropriate scale of this architectural unit, a ‘’group form’’ concept was defined – various contents are grouped and combined into different units, which are all designed in an unique architectural language. The main purpose of this approach is to avoid creating a single massive volume which would not properly respond to the local ambient and would represent a foreign structure in the surroundings of the mountain and local dwellings. Different units are grouped around the main public place, a public square oriented towards the southern slope which turns into a local playground during winter.

The project has won a honourable mention.

The proposed solution could be built out of several construction stages, following the logical division between units:


  • "Zlatibor" house - town hall
  • Garage with a small shopping center
  • Shopping center
  • Shopping center
  • Sports and recreation center
  • Hotel with a restaurant and a spa center


Connectivity inside the center is enabled through the existence of two main connecting routes for all directions of communication. These two routes exist on two main levels of the center, the ground level, where it connects the garage, entrances on ground floors of units, existing network of public roads and the main public square, while on the upper level it connects all units by generating events between seemingly different contents. These two walking routes enable a dynamic line of sight towards the landscape, especially the upper one. Also, they accentuate the narrow passages between the units, creating the effect of suction towards the center of the complex. Covered public passages and vertical and horizontal connections could also be built following the stages of construction of the units, without compromising the functionality of the solution.


The main public square is designed as a skating ring in the winter and a playground and stage during the summer, representing the center of the entire architectural composition. Elements of design and materialization represent a contemporary reminiscence of the traditional house from Zlatibor Mountain. Pitched, steep roofs, with shingle covering roofs and exterior walls, stone socle, square openings, and other elements, show up expected and unexpected, combined and transposed. Zenithal lighting from roof lanterns creates a whole variety of new ambient inside the units, giving the new dimension to the planned contents. Elements of extruded rectangular volumes are used to frame lines of sight towards the landscape and connect interior and exterior spaces of the center.


Units have a predominant sought orientation, with more intimate and auxiliary contents having north orientation. In this way, zoning principles are well implemented, enabling comfort and rational energy usage.